NodeJS, TypeScript, PHP, Golang, REST, GraphQL, Web applications, Firebase, MongoDB, MySql, Sql, NoSql, Angular & Single Page Applications, Electron, Cordova, Native Script, Ionic...

System development and architecture

We are good at: DevOps, Ubuntu, Shell scripting, NewRelic, Docker, WebPack, Gulp, Grunt, Git, Linux, CI & CD

IT consultancy

We are using Scrum methodology for handling projects. Each project is carefully planned and then divided into user stories, short iterations and releases. Tools we love are: Trello, GitLab, Jira, Slack...


Every piece of software we build is patiently crafted and tested. We have process for everything. We love to automatize everything.


We are proficient in building full stack solutions, from ground to up. We can support you all the way in your product development. Our strength is 10+ years experience in IT business and programming.